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>> steven colbert takes some serious steps to becoming a major player in the 2012 presidential campaign. find out what he is given permission to do. >> will it be clear skies for the fireworks on the fourth of july? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. happy friday. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> john collins has a check of the forecast. beautiful morning so far. >> humidity is low. temperatures are where they should be. we've could use some rain, but it is the holiday weekend. rain is nowhere near by. is all clear here. the nearest rain is in the
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midwest. it is being pushed to the south. there is a big deflections thing, a big rock in the stream of the atmosphere and cannot move in. the rain stays west of us today and tomorrow. after that, we will say. right now, we want to see how the traffic is doing this morning. maybe everybody took off yesterday and are enjoying this morning. >> looking very nice for the start of the holiday weekend. light volume for this time of the morning. 74 on the harrisburg expressway. same story in the northeast corner of 95. 60 miles with no delays. 11 minutes on the outer loop topside. 10 minutes on 95 north between 32 and the beltway. nine minutes on 895 northbound between 95 on the south side and the harbor tunnel.
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this is the northwest corner of the beltway. the inner and outer loops are moving in just fine. this is ocean city. coastal highway looking very nice. in looks like a beautiful sunrise and the ocean it looks great. a clear debate to go to the beach. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. it could be the largest settlement in maryland history. homeowners could be in for our hundreds of millions of dollars. >> jennifer franciotti is live with more on out exxon is going to have to dig deep to settle this major lawsuit. >> after six months of testimony, jurors awarded 150 families compensatory damages totalingattorneys have not yet totaled up how much punitive damages will be. we're told that number is also in the hundreds of millions. exxon mobil attorneys are disappointed and disturbed by
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the ruling of punitive damages. they say there will be an appeal. in the meantime, for families who say they've been waiting for justice, this verdict is welcome news. >> i really hope that they -- that the world has learned that you just don't do this to people and get away with it. >> as for individual amounts, we're told that they are expected to get a lecture in the melt detailing that amounts. no word of one the appeal will take place. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> looks like a new maryland state law will be going into affect this point. opponents to allow in-state tuition breaks for illegal immigrants will have collected the signatures needed to send the law for referendum. voters will of the final say in the 20 of election. >> leslie johnson says she will stay in office until she is
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sentenced on corruption charges. johnson pleaded guilty yesterday to conspiracy by flushing a developer's checked while federal investigators waited outside her home. >> i made a mistake for which i today except it responsibility for my conduct. >> she faces up to 18 months in prison. her husband already pleaded guilty to charges of taking more than $400,000 from developers. >> he says he has been banned from city hall. now he wants voters to send him there to a lectern as the next city council president. he was escorted out twice in the past two weeks. he says the council is in the pocket of developers. he said he will refuse contributions from developers. if the files his papers by
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tuesday, he will become the only challenger to jack young. judy landers is selling into his new campaign headquarters in federal hill. he resigned from the greater baltimore board of realtors to focus on his mayoral campaign. he announced his bid back in april. >> 86-day school day is one option being offered. scores for students were slipping in one area. saturday could be added for more schools. >> for many of our kids can you need to stretch time in a way that it allows them to dive deep into some of the barriers that success may be. >> the details have not been ironed out. the discussions would target eighth grade students.
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a few cities schools already follow 86-day schedule. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the idea of extending the school week in baltimore city to six days? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> no word as to what triggered a fierce fire in west baltimore. take a look of this. the flames engulfed this garage in the 1000 block of lombard street. nobody was hurt. >> office shuffling this morning. president obama bestowed robert gates the presidential medal of freedom. gates step down after serving two consecutive presidents of the past five years. he thanked those who served. >> i will just say that i will think of these young warriors, the ones who fought, the ones who keep on fighting, the ones
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who never made it back till the end of my days. >> leon panetta will fill out gates's position as defense secretary. the senate give its unanimous approval for david petraeus to fill the vacancy at the cia. >> a deal may be in the works from performing the government from defaulting. tracie potts has more. >> we are talking about runaway spending that we cannot afford. >> sound familiar? that is minnesota. over night the state's government shut down because democrats and republicans could not agree on whether to raise taxes to cover their upside-down budget. the same thing is happening in washington. >> government has to live within its means. so i am prepared to bring our deficit down by trillions of dollars. >> in part by raising taxes. republicans refuse to even consider it. now they're furious after mr.
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obama criticized them this week for taking too much time off work. >> all we need is the president to step up and give us a proposal. so far he has laid back and criticized everybody else. >> a democratic aide reports there may be a deal on the table -- a trillion dollars in cuts. only a quarter of what's needed. that would allow the u.s. to borrow another trillion dollars, keep the bills paid for seven more months, and perhaps prevent a market meltdown. >> we need to work out some arrangement quickly before the markets start to react and american families start to feel the consequences. >> republicans are split over whether to accept a short-term deal. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> no laughing matter this time. steven colbert it is given the green light to raise some serious money in the upcoming presidential election.
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his request was approved to for his own political action committee that can raise and spend unlimited money. this is part of this ongoing jab which allows corporations to spend whatever they want on elections. >> i don't know about you, but i do not accept limits on my free speech. i don't know about you, but i do not accept the status quo. i do except visa, mastercard, and american express. >> he took donations by credit thes and by stepcash on steps of the ftc. >> 6:09. to 2 degrees on tv hill. bad news on the job front for two of maryland's biggest
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employers. >> developments in the sexual assault case of one of the world's top bankers. >> a massive fire in south carolina. there could be a firebug. >> a nice morning this morning. humidity is low. to degrees away from the city. >> delay-free for your morning commute so far.
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>> good morning. this is it telson. but the sunshine. 65 degrees in towson right now. -- this is towson. great way to start today. but the radar. we see clear skies. if you look out west, there is some rain, but with this high pressure, it cannot move east. it is being pushed to the south. that will be the case said. rain chances just about nil. around baltimore, east of 61 on the boardwalk, -- parking, 59. elkton, 61. frederick, 55. 50's in the mountains out to the west. this is the satellite image. you can see this high pressure sitting here. it reaches down to the southeast. some rain trying to move in.
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this is like a rock in the stream of the answer. it cannot move east. it's the poorest to the south. things will change the venture. high pressure will break down and push further south and allow this storm system to move to the great lakes and moved in our direction. that will happen this weekend. the end of the holiday weekend will be different than what we're experiencing now. another terrific day today. mostly sunny with low humidity. northwest wind 5 to 10. 84 to 89 for the high. for boaters in the bay, a one-foot chop. a lack of rain until it saturday evening. some isolated rain could pop up around the mountains saturday night. rain chances are minimal on saturday. we will notice more cloudiness
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and humidity. the cold front approaches and the rain chances increase. a sultry day on sunday. not necessarily a washout. ocean city forecast on saturday, 84. 85 on sunday with rain chances on monday. 70 out look -- we have the holiday weekend. 87 today. 90's on saturday, sunday, and monday with more humidity. rain chances are the highest on sunday. they go down on monday. they go on again and off again into the week next week. >> will looking beautiful for morning commute. no problem spots and no delays. 11 minutes on the outer loop topside. -- that is the west side outer loop. eight minutes on 95 northbound
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between the beltway down to the fort mchenry. we are looking very nice. we're up to speed on the major roadways. this is old court road in the northwest corner. inner and outer loops are moving in just fine. a beautiful shot of ocean city. coastal highway up looking very nice. the perfect beach day. it looks great you're heading down there for the holiday weekend. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. word the assault case against dominique strauss-kahn could be thrown out. questions were raised over the credibility of the hotel worker who said he assaulted her. the victim lied about her background. a court hearing will be held this point to determine if a bill should be reduced or house arrest research and
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eased. the prosecution continues its rebuttal case against casey anthony. investigators are trying to determine if a serial arsonist is to blame for this place in downtown charleston. fire officials want to know if this fire is similar to a porch firestone or intentionally set over the past few years. >> some new rules on debit card fees. banks can only charge retailers 21 cent per debit card transaction. fees less than half of the 44 cent perlide banks currently charge, more than the 12 cent per swipe that they were seeking. cool bracing for half a billion
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dollar fine for some of the pharmacy ipaads their website. a massive investigation aimed at showing google took advertising money from websites selling highly addictive drugs without a prescription. google set aside five under million dollars to settle the case. -- google set aside $500 million to settle the case. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> another announcement coming from lockheed martin regarding job cuts. the plan to eliminate 1500 workers from its aeronautics business unit. they make the f-35 jetfighters. this will affect six smaller plants in other states. a slow down in defense spending. lockheed has announced 2500 job
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cuts. johns hopkins hospital cutting about 160 clerical workers. the workers could find new jobs within the hospital including the new clinical building. iwe get consumer confidence numbers. the bulls still charging on more optimism that greece will avoid default. american business activity is improving. the bloomberg maryland index was beginning and help tell but stanley black & decker. trading is closed on monday for the fourth of july holiday. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:19. the orioles lose a member of their starting rotation. keith mills has more on the demotion of pitcher brian matusz. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day.
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what do you think of the idea of extending the school week in baltimore city to six days? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. i hope i have them.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. we have our first problem spot in the city. we have a brush fire at franklin at wheeler avenue. check in to see if any emergency crews are on the scene. the j.f.x. is 59 heading down to the city. 62 on the topside of the beltway. this is traffic outside as some of the major roadways. this is old court road. you can see the inner and outer loops are moving in just fine. this is a coastal highway. we're looking very nice in ocean city. it looks like a beautiful beach day. one of the toll plaza at delaware on 95, the e-zpass is open so should be smooth sailing
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north and southbound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. john has a check of the holiday weekend forecast. >> that is good news about the tollgates in delaware. maybe things will move a little better this weekend. just for today, very much like yesterday. we're starting to upgrade. temperatures from 60 to 74 in the city. we expect lots of sunshine and low humidity. 87 here in town. ocean city, 83. 80's in the mountains to the west. no rain in the forecast anywhere. we'll talk about the weekend and the risk of some rain someplace. that is coming up in just a few minutes. stick around. >> good morning. the orioles kickoff a tennis game road trip. there is some major concern in the clubhouse. 9-6, they get swept by the
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cardinals. brian matusz was considered the ace. t was sent down to norfolk. lance berkman, one of this two home runs. brian matusz says he is ok. in the fourth, jon jay, three- run home run. cardinals never trailed in the series. nolan reimold, home run. mark reynolds, homerun. the orioles out hit the cardinals, but couldn't get over the hump. robert andino, the tying run. cardinals win.
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>> i'm not mad but i'm frustrated for him. we know he is capable of better. it has not happened here right now with the infirm he has to pitch in. it would be different if we had never seen before, seemed better. >> 18 runs, seven home runs in the last three games. the nba owners say they are locking out the players. nfl owners and players meet again today in minneapolis. the at&t national golf tournament hosted by tiger woods in philadelphia. even park on thursday. eric compton. two heart transplants. that eagle right there. he was 6 over on the day. adam scott. steve williams, tied for the lead.
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ends semifinals at wimbledon -- men's semifinals at wimbledon. >> 62 degrees on tv hill. much more to come in our next half-hour. >> jacksonville residence will get millions in compensatory damages. i am jennifer franciotti. details are next. >> if a trip to the beach is your holiday plans, there are some waterways that you may want to avoid. >> we have one problem spot in the city, a brush fire to talk about. we will
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. john collins has a quick look at the forecast. >> let's continue with what happened it yesterday. we're starting out in beautiful shape with clear skies. humidity, 83%. that is normally a higher number. that will drop later today. the barometer is rising.
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74 degrees at the inner harbor with sunny skies and a very nice condition. how long can ala it last? >> major payoff from exxon mobil after one of the gas stations contaminated the wells of the neighborhood. >> jennifer franciotti have some details on the solomon. good morning. >> compensatory damages totaled nearly $500 million. that does not include punitive damages which are expected to run in the hundreds of millions as well. susan has waited for this day for half a decade, ever since the gas leak from an exxon mobil station near her home in jacksonville left her worried and angry. >> we did not know. we thought you just could not drink it. it goes through your skin, it becomes absorbed through your skin. you can breathe it in. >> jurors provided some 150
6:31 am
families compensatory damages totaling more than $496 million. attorneys did not have the exact figures for punitive damages. they are also in the hundreds of millions. a preliminary look at the verdict sheets found damages for one household totaling more than $50 million. >> i think it was a proper verdict on the punitive damages. the evidence well supports it. the conduct which took place was really quite wrongful but fraudulent. >> exxon mobil attorneys are disappointed and disturbed by the ruling on punitive damages and say there will be an appeal. >> we did not be engage in fraud. we were willing to pay reasonable compensatory damages to those people who were damaged by the spill. we were not willing to own up to something we did not do. >> the plaintiffs and jury members hugged and celebrated. susan told us she is happy about the ruling, but knows it
6:32 am
will not erase all of her problems. >> we still live there. would you buy my house? that's the thing. >> she is expecting to get a letter that will detail her individual in judgment. no word on when them>> plaintiffs are expected to may take place. jennifer franciotti, and wbal-tv 11 news. >> authorities believe engine failure may be to blame for a plane crash. skyteam 11 captured these pictures. the pilot took off from the bay bridge airport. something went wrong and he was forced to ditch the plane. the pilot got out safely. nobody was hurt. >> many people are getting ready to hit the beach. we're learning how clean it maryland beaches are. lowell melser explains several had too much bacteria. >> as you had your favorite
6:33 am
beach this holiday weekend, we have some information that you probably want to know about. as part of a study of beach water quality, all 70 of maryland beaches were tested. monitoring samples that exceeded the daily maximum of bacteria standards. among the worst beaches, one in kent county, one in northeast river in cecil county, and ymca camp in kent county. as far as noble exceeding rates, kent county had the highest at 25%. cecil county, 22%. worcester, 3%. baltimore county, 2%. >> we are working hard to keep beaches and swimmers safe and healthy. >> the state's star more
6:34 am
management act of 2007 is helping somewhat, but should get better with time. >> we have stormwater regulations. we have permits in place -- going a place for the larger municipalities. we have permits for construction activity as it relates to storm water. >> there are star ratings for the most popular beaches. centerpoint state park in annapolis got two stars. belknap state park, two stars. assateague state park, four stars. osha city beaches, four stars. infill ocean city should have received 5 stars. >> we do think there is an error.
6:35 am
and city is listed as having four stars -- ocean city is listed as having four stars. we think it's a tough five stars to correct for a closer look at this report, it goes over all 70 beaches over the state. we have a link on our website, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. one problem spot to mention. that is in the city. a brush fire in the city at franklin and wheeler avenue. we're looking good on the major roadways. 59 on the j.f.x. 63 on the topside of the beltway. we're looking good there as well. this is the west side of the beltway.
6:36 am
looking good in the inner and outer loops. moving just find and without delay. 95 at the fort mchenry toll plaza, southbound traffic is little heavier but no delays. things are moving just fine in both direction. in delaware, the toll plaza if you're heading north on 95, that now except e-zpass. those lanes are open. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you. >> it is a good morning. i want to give you a quick sketch on how the holiday weekend will turn out in the baltimore area. we start with saturday. we expect there may be some thunderstorms west of us around 90 for the high-tech and higher chance of rain around the baltimore area on sunday. monday, most of the storm activity will be south of us. a high around 90. how does that affect the
6:37 am
fireworks forecast? part because the skies and temperatures in the 70's. let's hope it turns out that way. we will bring more details on today's forecast coming up. >> love the graphic. to degrees on tv hill. close encounter with a giant of the deep. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the idea of extending the school week in baltimore city to six days? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> a minnesota man is embarking on a record-setting journey. he is taking a trip down the mississippi river while standing on a pal board. the trip will take him the entire summer. he hopes to raise money for the red cross and their relief efforts for people along the flood-ravaged region. said it will be a challenge by hopes to make a by new orleans by mid to late august. >> a group of swimmers study retreat. well short -- a whale shark. it does not eat people. these divers are lucky to get such a close encounter.
6:41 am
what a sweetheart. >> just amazing that these fish are so friendly. bring one home to the kids. 62 degrees on tv hill. we will look of some of the new laws that are going into affect. >> we are flying more and driving less. how high gas prices are impacting the holiday weekend. >> we have a crash in the city. a live look at the major roadways. >> we have sunshine in the area. storms are going around us. a dry forecast going into the weekend. sunny skies at the airport. downtown, 74.
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>> welcome back. presidents have access to a new tool to help keep up with issues related to public safety and crime. the city wide tax alert description service allows residents to sign up for alerts by individual police districts and neighborhoods. the mayor calls this an important addition to improved communication. you can find out how to subscribe on our website, new laws to the books. someone not sit too well with folks looking to celebrate the holidays with alcohol. 2% increase. you will be able to take your dog to dinner. canine companions at el tor in eateries provided you
6:45 am
can show proper documentation. some wineries will be able to ship directly to maryland residents. after the most research report showed maryland test scores were slipping. dr. anders alonso floated the idea of adding saturday. the details have not been ironed out. the new schedule would target eighth grade students. some students are have a six-day week. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what do you think of the idea of extending the school week in baltimore city to six days?
6:46 am
>> we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> some 39 million americans will travel during the fourth of july weekend. that is down from last year. kate amara joins us live to explain why. do you have big plans? >> i do have plans. staying in baltimore and happy to do wiit. i gas prices of this year.
6:47 am
more americans are staying home for the holiday. >> the gas prices are really high. >> i think the gas is still -- it went down a little bit, but it is still expensive. >> more americans are staying home this fourth of july weekend. one million more. a 2.5% decline from last year. according to aaa, gas prices are to blame. >> the number of automobile travelers is going to be down 3% compared to a year ago. we're expecting 33 million americans to take to the road this holiday weekend. >> aaa says driving still dominates the fourth with 84% of holiday travelers hitting the road. >> my wife and i are driving to nantucket. >> more than half surveyed said prices at the pump would not impact their plans. 44% of travelers said the rising cost of gas will lead to pinching pennies elsewhere this weekend. >> by taking shorter trips or spending less in other areas of
6:48 am
their travel budgets. >> some drivers will cut their distances short. more americans will fly over the weekend. air travel expected to be up 9% from a year ago. >> so for some people, it may be more convenient in the face of such expensive gasoline prices to travel by air this year to their destination. >> the average travel distance is down. travel costs are up across the board. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what is the average cost of a fourth of july get away? >> we will be paying 25% more over the holiday weekend, spending an average of $800. >> i guess i'll be staying home. thank you and have a good weekend. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> if you're hitting the roads,
6:49 am
we don't have any delays on the major roadways. a brush fire in the city at franklin and wheeler avenue. we have a crash at broadway. in glen bernie, a crash on 648. otherwise, the major roadways of look good. five minutes on 95 south between the harbor tunnel and the fort mchenry. nine minutes on 895 between 95 and the harbor tunnel. this is traffic at the west side of the beltway. moving just fine in the inner and outer loops. very light volume. this is 95 at the fort mchenry toll plaza. north and southbound are moving freely. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. john has a check of the forecast. >> edsall the sunshine on the traffic camera views -- you saw
6:50 am
the sunshine. we have some rain out to the west. it bumps into high-pressure and gets deflected to the south. that will be the trend today. temperatures this morning kind of cool in some areas. 61 in cambridge. chestertown, 65. westminster, 63. 50's in western maryland. we have this big area of high pressure out to the west. they get deflected around to the south. there is warm air ahead of this cold front in the plains states. getting more southerly wind events appear in the heat and humidity start to move in. things will change as we move into the weekend. rain chances go up as well. low humidity. 84 to 89 for the high.
6:51 am
rain gets closer to us by saturday. by sunday, rain chances do go up for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. rain changes extending into monday, especially to our south. good on saturday and sunday at ocean city. rain chances move into the picture along the boardwalk. 80's today. 90 on saturday, sunday, and monday with humidity increasing. rain chances will increase on sunday. maybe some isolated storms to our south. here is hope we can get those a fourth of july fireworks in on monday evening. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, a few scattered storms. >> a major settlement in a case involving an exxon gas leak. jennifer franciotti is live from towson with details and the
6:52 am
payout that could run in the hundreds of millions of dollars. >> after six months of testimony, jurors awarded 150 families compensatory damages totaling more than $496 million. attorneys have not yet totaled up how much punitive damages will be. we're told that number is also in the hundreds of millions. exxon mobil attorneys are disappointed and disturbed by the ruling of punitive damages. they say there will be an appeal. in the meantime, for families who say they've been waiting for justice, this verdict is welcome news. no word on individual pails. plaintiffs are expecting a letter in the melt detailing their settlement amounts. ask for an appeal, no word on when that will take place. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:52. to degrees on tv hill. >> one last look at weather and traffic.
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>> john is joining us now. something is going on. >> late-breaking weather. as far as traffic, not much going on. there is a brush fire at franklin and wheeler avenue. a crash pad broadway. another ad 648. this -- this is the west side of the beltway. no delays and no problems to report. this is an 95 at the fort mchenry toll plaza.
6:56 am
north and southbound moving just fine. >> just getting your cardio in. >> holiday weekend is highlighted in a letter shape. 87 today. 90's on saturday, sunday, and money. highest rain chances will be on sunday. on monday, the system will be trying to pull away. not a bad forecast for the holiday weekend. we do need the rain. to not forget, -- do not forget, tune to am 1090 to hear traffic and weather together on the fives. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. have a safe holiday weekend.
6:57 am
>> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial, from president and general manager dan joerres. >> july 4 brings to mind american flags and the sense of patriotism for all our country stands for. it begins the height of summer travel. families pack the car and take off for parts unknown. we encourage everyone to make this summer about points well known but not perhaps often visited. maryland has settled. there are mountain trails to hike. the mayor london zoo -- the maryland zoo is a summer favorite set sail from annapolis or get a peek at the past storing the historic u.s. naval academy.
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can travel back to time, spending the day at the first permanent settlement. you can go to the state parks. something to see the matter the direction. we encourage everyone to make it a point to make maryland the destination of choice. to help plan your summer escape, log onto
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